Wet carpet drying: what to do if your carpet is still worth saving

Wet Carpet Drying: What To Do If Your Carpet Is Still Worth Saving

Topics: Wet, Carpet, Drying:, What, To, Do, If, Your, Carpet, Is, Still, Worth, Saving

There are many reasons why your carpet gets wet. The most important thing you should do when your carpet gets wet is to react quickly and start on the wet carpet drying process immediately.

Roll your carpet and take it outside so you can easily clean it. If your carpet is glued to the floor then you have no choice but to clean it inside. Just remember that it is not all the time that you can still salvage your wet carpet. If a carpet is glued to the floor and it has been soaked in sewage water then you will need to call in the professionals to remove the carpet and do the disposal or restoration for you. It is not smart to keep carpets that have been completely soaked in sewage water. This is because sewage water may contain elements that are harmful to your health. You can only do wet carpet drying yourself if the flood water that damaged the carpet is relatively clean.

If the flooding in your home was bad then chances are, your carpet wass completely soaked in water. You may have to remove the water from your home first before you can even remove the carpet off the floor. If the carpet is soaked and heavy with water, you can raise it about a foot above the floor and put some support underneath so that the water will drain from the carpet.

Once you bring the carpet out, lay it flat on the pavement and hose it down to remove mud and other dirt. Get back in the house and clean the floor. Your floors need ample time to dry so clean the floor right away before you clean the carpet. Sanitize the floors and let them dry. If you see some damage on the carpet when you take it out then prioritize the wet carpet drying instead of getting your floor clean.

Take the padding off the carpet because this is what holds much of the water in. Carpet padding does not dry easily and you may end up with a smelly carpet if you do not throw away the padding.

After taking the padding off wash the carpet completely using regular water and a carpet shampoo. You can also rent a steam machine to make the whole wet carpet drying an easier task. Shampoo the carpet and rub in the suds so that the carpet will lose any bad smell. If you can’t find a carpet shampoo, you should choose commercial cleaners that can be used for carpets. Simply read the labels of the cleaners in the store to know which one you can use for your carpet. You can choose one that has a strong scent to remove the awful smell from the flood water.

After shampooing the carpet simply hose the carpet until you are sure all the shampoo has been washed away. To help with the wet carpet drying, use a dry/wet vacuum to suck the excess water out of the carpet. Hang your carpet on the fence or leave it on the pavement to dry. Just remember to turn the carpet over every couple of hours to get it completely dry.

It is important to remember though, that part of the wet carpet drying process is to determine what can still be salvaged and what needs to be outright discarded. Sometimes in our efforts to preserve our belongings, we may end up doing more harm than good to our home and family members.

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